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Southampton Yard Tour

Tour of Southampton Yard

In August 1997, Dave Kelley led me on a fantastic tour of Amtrak's Southampton yard in Boston, MA.  This page contains some photos from the tour.  Below is a photo of Dave in the inspection pit underneath an Amfleet car.


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Here's Dave Kelley and myself standing on the front walkway of GP40TC 192 in Southampton Yard.

Here is a collection of pictures of the different things I saw in Southampton yard:

CF-7 591, 10/6 2932, and a Twilight Shoreliner Viewliner (5 pics) in Southampton.
Genesis--P40 and P42(4 pics--interior shots too) in Southampton Yard.
GP40TC 192 (4 pics including a cab shot) in Southampton.
GP40TC 197 at South Station after backing Lake Shore 449 in.
Interior of a Custom Class Amfleet Coach, and the Inspection pits (3 pics) at Southampton Yard.
MBTA equipment(7pics) -- GP40MC 1133 (cab shots inc.), commuter trains, and a shot of a MBTA F40 in Albany for servicing.