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CF-7 591/10&6 2932/Twilight-B

Below is CF-7 591 in South Hampton (591 is no longer on the Amtrak computer).

Below is 10/6 sleeper 2932 "Pacific Shore" coupled to CF-7 591 dead in the yard. The 10/6 was in great condition. The beds were made and safety cards by the windows as if the train was to be used that night. In fact, i was told by Dave Kelly that if they had to in an emergency, that sleeper could go out in service.

Below is a shot out of CF-7 591's cab windows.

Below is CF-591 to the left, and the Twilight Shoreliner to the right. Note how special decals were applied to the Twilight's Viewliners and Lounge cars.

A closer look at a Twilight Viewliner.