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Updated 8 April 2017

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I've been working for the last eleven years on a history of the McCloud River railroads. Signature Press is publishing the book, which is scheduled to be on store shelves during the first week of October. More information can be found in the pages above.

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The northeastern corner of California is dominated by the 14,162’ tall peak of Mt. Shasta. Nestled on the southeastern flank of the mountain is the small former company town of McCloud. Since 1897 McCloud has been the base of operations for an independent shortline railroad company, originally known as the McCloud River Railroad Company. The McCloud River survived many ups and down for 95 years before disappearing at the end of June in 1992. The new McCloud Railway Company took over on 1 July of that year, and it has continued service over the line to the present day.

This website seeks to document the life and times of the rail lines owned and operated by three principle companies in the life of McCloud, the McCloud River Lumber Company, the McCloud River Railroad Company, and the McCloud Railway Company.This site is not sponsored by nor affiliated in any way with the McCloud River Railroad Company, the McCloud Railway Company, 4-Rails Inc., the Shasta Sunset Dinner Train, or any other affiliated organizations.

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