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December Chills

Here are some tid-bids from the journey:

Part ONE of the journey: Mumbai to Chennai by 2163 Dadar-Chennai Express. My coach was A1 (WGACCW 01052 based at Dadar). The locos that worked by train through the journey were WCG2 #20151 from Dadar to Pune, WDM2 #17541 from Pune to Renigunta and finally WAM4 #21297 from Renigunta to Chennai. The ride was okay. The Pantry car gets a 7 on 10.

Part TWO of the Journey: Road journey from Chennai to Bangalore - We covered the distance in about 5 hours, and that was real good ride!

Part THREE of the Journey: Returned from Bangalore Flight - Indigo Airlines 6E-275. A trip report of this planned - would come up very soon.

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