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I intend to build a resource of modeling information that will be useful to those who like to replicate Amtrak equipment in miniature. I will not always be able to post photos of finished projects, since there is often some obstacle that prevents me from completing a model. If all my projects were completed and posted here, it would be quite an impressive site!

Latest news - photo updates on F40PH detailing projects!

Model Pages

Heritage Car Names
List of named cars in Amtrak's Heritage Fleet.

Scale Drawings
HO scale drawings of Amtrak equipment available for download.

About Amtrak Modeling
A discussion of my modeling interests, including ideas for projects.

F40PH #301
Detailing the Walthers model to represent a specific prototype.

F40PH #338
Reworking the Walthers model to represent a different class of engines.

F40PH #394
New details and paint to significantly improve the Kato model.

AEM-7 #929
Adding details to a stock Atlas model for enhanced realism.

Baggage #1801
Building a smooth-side car so those nice Vermonter decals have somewhere to go.

Baggage #1852
Modifying an old AHM model to wear custom-made decals for the Ethan Allen Express.

Sleeper #2300
Painting a Walthers model to represent one of three prototype cars.

Sleeper #2448
Reworking a Walthers model to reflect another railroad's styling.

Sleeper #2465
Detailing a Walthers car to represent a different series.

Sleeper #2917
Modeling an earlier HEP conversion using a Walthers car.

Lounge #3127
Modeling a distinctive car using the Walthers Budd lounge.

Coach #4002
Laser-cut window strips help model a distinctive coach type.

Coach #4631
Scratchbuilt sides and underbody for an interesting type of car.

Cab Car #9646
Give new life to an old Bachmann model, following the prototype.

Michael Kreiser's X996
Photos and a description of this unique kitbash project.

Michael Kreiser's NPCU
Photos and a description of a Cabbage for Downeaster service.

Michael Kreiser's Models
The rest of Michael's Amtrak collection.

Conversion Projects
A list of ideas for projects that aren't too difficult.