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Mile Post markers as compiled by Henry Burger

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 Addendum by Bob White for Mile Post 163 to Mile Post 164

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Depot Listed in alphabet order

Ann Arbor Depots  as listed in Michigan Manuals and
Ann Arbor timetables to 1915

Ann Arbor Depots articles, drawings and Photographs

Greenville subdivision Mile Posts

Track Scales Bridges (Mesick area)

Ann Arbor Railroad Interlocking Plants

- - Ann Arbor Railroad Maps - -

Railroad Development in Gratiot County

Toledo, Ann Arbor & North Michigan Railway Development



Rail diagrams and Sectional views

As the Ann Arbor line was built it changed direction it was headed several times, then later on the line was rebuilt to bypass grade problem, sink holes, and other problems.
These changes change the Mile Post markers many times, sometimes increasing or decreasing, present day Mile Post markers used in most case with the older ones listed when known.

Henry F. Burger 10/16/2020 updated