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Ann Arbor Railroad Interlocking Plants

Ann Arbor Railroad Interlocking Plants

Table of Interlocking points for Ann Arbor Railroad

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Ottawa Crossing - Michigan Central (Belt line) controlled from Manhattan tower

Manhattan Junction - (Wheeling & Lake Erie tower)

Boulevard - 'AX' -(Toledo Railroad and Terminal Company tower)

Hallett - 'XN' - Ann Arbor; Michigan Central; Pere Marquette; Pennsylvania; Toledo Terminal railroads

Alexis - 'N' - (Michigan Central, Michigan Southern & Lake Shore Tower)

Federman (Monroe Junction) - [The station is used for the train ride at Momroe County Fair grounds]

Diann - 'MX' - (Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Tower)
While cut-off was being constructucted as set of crash boards protected the crosssing.

Dundee - 'RN' -

Milan - 'MI' - (Wabash tower)

Pittsfield -

South Lyon - 1880s

Hamburg - Michigan Air Line depot

Lakeland ( Hamburg Junction ) - 'HU' -

Ann Pere ( Howell Junction ) - 'HO' -

Durand - 'BY' -

Owosso Junction - 'SW' -

Alma - 'DG' -

St. Louis - original main line from Ithaca going north

Mount Pleasant - 'MS' -

Clare - 'B' -

Marion Mile post 208.8 'MN'

Cadillac - `CN' - Mile post 226.5

Copemish - 'CO' - Mile post 267.58

Thompsonville - 'MO' - Mile post 270.39


[Rules Interlockers 1]
[TT 4 8-21-1892] 

At crossing of D. L. & N. at Howell Junction, F. & P. M. at Clare, G. R. & I. at Cadillac, and the C. & W. M. at Thompsonville, when the arms of semaphore are in a horizontal position, or a red light is shown, danger is indicated and derailing switch at home signal is open.  When the arms of semaphore are in a diagonal position, or white light shown at night, trains may proceed without stopping for crossing.  Trains approaching crossing will not pass distance signal faster than for (4) miles per hour.


Target men will not set the target for an engine to cross until it comes to a full stop.


Crossings will be kept blocked by signal men at all time except when trains are using them.


The tracks of the Central Terminal include all Tracks between the F. & P. M. switch, one hundred feet north of L. S. & M. S. crossing at Alexis, and Central Staion at Toledo; also between Ottawa Crossing and bridge No. 1 at north end of Pennsylvania Co.'s Yard.


Half interlocker was installed in City of Ann Arbor on Huron Street before tracks were raised for crossing of street car line.

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