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Cedar Point 2007: These Rides Are Awesome!!!
One of four inversions on Mantis! Here's the 119ft vertical loop element on the ride. It's a ride experience like no other!
Above Left: The 300ft Power Tower. New in 1998, this amazing ride either shoots you up the ride structure or lifts you then drops you for an incredible free-fall experience. Above Right: The 137ft first drop on Mantis, an amazing riding experience!
A Wide-Angle view of Mantis and its 119ft vertical loop element.
The Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad. A full-functioning narrow-gauge railroad that takes you from the Main Midway in the central area of the park to Frontiertown in the back. On its ride, you pass by Millennium Force, Maverick and Mean Streak Coasters!
The Cedar Creek Mine Ride. Built in 1969, it's steel-tube track on wood frame construction with mine car-like trains provides a ride that looks like a runaway mine train. It's sharp turns and high speed provide a great riding experience!
Above Left: I couldn't forget to place a few photos what is still my favorite roller coaster in the world! The 205ft tall Magnum XL-200. This coaster debuted as the tallest and fastest coaster in the world when it opened in 1989! Above Right: A view from just outside Soak City of the 157ft second hill. After 18 years, this coaster is still one of the best in the world because it's just plain fun!
A view from the Soak City parking lot. Soak City is closed for the season by the time HalloWeekends comes around so this lot having fewer cars in it provides some nice wide-angle views of the back of the park. You can see Magnum, Gemini (wood-framed steel track twin racing coaster to the right of the photo) and Top Thrill Dragster (Big yellow tower!) in the above photo.
Another wide view from the Soak City lot. Seen here is the Gemini. It opened in 1978 and features twin trains racing each other!
A different wide-angle view of Magnum's 205ft first hill. You'll see this as you walk towards Challenge Park from the Soak City lot. You have to ride this coaster to really experience it.
Above Left: The tower on Top Thrill Dragster. Built in 2003, it was the tallest and fastest coaster in the world (420 ft tall at 120mph) when it opened. Above Right: As the sign says, 17 Coasters, 1 Park, that explains it all! There's something about this place that brings me back here every year!!!
My weekend car, just kidding! Very neat dragster on display near Top Thrill Dragster's loading platform!
The Corkscrew. Built in 1976, this was the first coaster in the world with 3 inversions!
Above Left: One of Corkscrew's 3 inversions. Above Right: One of the vertical sections of Wicked Twister, a double-impulse coaster that opened in 2002.
A wide shot of Wicked Twister and the Giant Wheel. The Giant Wheel was moved to this location in 2000 when Millennium Force was built. It's probably one of the nicest ferris wheels in existence today!
Above Left: One more view of Wicked Twister with the Giant Wheel framed in. Above Right: An overhead view thanks to a ride on the Space Spiral. The ride in the foreground is the spinning "Troika" ride. An excellent spinning ride.
From the Space Spiral, a view of the Hotel Breakers. The Rotunda in the center of the hotel is on the National Register Of Historic Places. A very nice hotel with an excellent view of Lake Erie and a T.G.I. Friday's restaurant on site, I'm hungry!!!!!
Wide-Angle view of the Lake Erie side of the park from the Space Spiral.
A view of the Main Midway from the Space Spiral.

This sign is located near the Challenge Park gate in the back of the park thanking you for visiting. I think I should be the one thanking Cedar Point! There's no place like this anywhere!!!
   Cedar Point once again provided an incredible thrill-riding experience this year. I'll definitely be back here again next year! I've said this many times before, there's something about this place that keeps me coming back every year. I'm not sure what it is, but I know this, CP provides you with a venue where you can just plain forget about the pressures of "reality" for awhile and just have fun! As always, I seriously recommend a trip here if you can. I take Amtrak here every year which for me just adds to the fun. Whether you take the train or drive here, it's worth the trip. You simply won't find a park like this anywhere else in the world! Now, it's off to nearby Bellevue, OH for some quick railfanning on the way to a visit to a popular Midwestern Railroad Museum!