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Railfanning Report: Bellevue, OH - September 30th, 2007
Fall Amtrak Vacation Trip 2007:

Brief Railfanning Report: Bellevue, Ohio
September 30th, 2007


   I decided today to do laundry after getting up after about 9 hours of sleep. Yes, I truly needed it, after 2 days of walking, I was in pain! I started my laundry (hotel has facilities on-site) and came back to the room to get a Diet Pepsi out of the fridge only to find one of my cans of Diet Pepsi exploded in the fridge and thus there was frozen Diet Pepsi all over the inside of the fridge and NO, I didn't put it in the freezer, this thing must have been on some ultra-cold temp in the fridge for that to happen! After cleaning up the fridge, I continued writing this travelogue. My plan today is to head out to Bellevue, OH to visit the Mad River & Nickel Plate Railroad Museum. This will be my first visit to the museum since I drove here in 2004 to see it.  
   On the way to Bellevue, OH to visit the museum, I was driving down Ohio Rte. 4 and drove across a huge overhead bridge over the Norfolk Southern Bellevue Yard & Locomotive Shop. I pulled the rental car over and met up with 2 members of from Akron, OH (I'm also a member of TO) who were there railfanning. Interestingly enough, I was the only guy with a film camera! I took the next few photos seen here while I was there. At this yard, the NS (former Nickel Plate) from Buffalo, NY enters the yard. West of the yard, one mainline comes up from Columbus and heads North to the Sandusky coal docks, and another heads towards St. Louis via Fostoria (this would be the NS line (again, an Ex-Nickel Plate line) that crosses the CSX main at the diamond in front of the old Amtrak Station there) Special thanks to members of for providing information about the mainlines. Enjoy the photos...

Looking East at the Bellevue Yard.
An NS Dash-9 leads this train looking like it was being assembled in the yard...
2 Brand-New Kansas City Southern De Mexico GE ES44AC's in the consist of the above train.
A view of the Bellevue Locomotive Shop.
Another view of the shop.
The Hump Yard at Bellevue.
After spending some time here, I continued onto Downtown Bellevue to the museum, check it out...