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Cedar Point 2007: Maverick! Gotta Ride It To Believe It!!!
One of Maverick's 2 corkscrew-style barrel rolls.
Just one of many air time filled hills on Maverick, sure to please the most critical of coaster buffs!
Above Left: Looking up at the 100 foot drop on the first hill at a 95 degree angle, you've never rode on something like this before!!!
Above Right: A Zoom-in shot of one of the corkscrew-style barrel rolls on the ride!
Coming out of a barrel roll, you can also see the train from Mean Streak making it's way up it's first hill in the background.
Another wide shot of the first drop, words can't describe how incredible this coaster truly is!!!
Above Left: One of the banked curves of the ride seen just outside of Frontiertown.
Above Right:
Did I mention that first drop is incredible???
Riding along the water!
Coming down that steep curve at the left of this photo, there are a few water fountains that shoot in the air as the train runs past.
A wide-angle shot from Frontiertown of this amazing ride!