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Cedar Point 2007: Midway Photos
The ever popular HalloWeekends hearse with the hood scoop and spoiler, sporting a new paint scheme
for this year's events. This car was set up just outside the main gate.
The ticket booths at the main gate. This year's big attraction of course, is Maverick!
Whatever that thing is with the big wings, I'm scared!
All the CP Executives ended up having their "tombstones" on display along the midway!
The Centennial Theatre, home this year to Tim Hill's magic show. Something I highly recommend
you see if you ever get a chance to go to CP during HalloWeekends.
More "tombstones" along the midway.
What would a Halloween event be without a headless horseman?
That Witch seems to make repeat appearances every year, it looks really neat with all them pumpkins!
Some kind of carriage with a coffin inside, also an interesting ad board showing HalloWeekends events!
Yet more neat Halloween theming along the midway!
That's quite a giraffe and clown combination, this was set up by the Pagoda Gift Shop.