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Trainwatching Report - Boston, MA - September 24th, 2003

Trainwatching Report:
Boston & Westwood, MA
On Amtrak's Northeast Corridor
Wednesday, September 24th, 2003
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   At Westwood, MA is Amtrak's Route 128 Station on the Northeast Corridor. This is a nice modern station that has plenty of service on the MBTA Commuter Trains that serve it. Amtrak only picks up passengers on Southbound Trains and drops off only on Northbound Trains. Below are photos taken here while railfanning...

Regional Train #137 from Boston was the first to arrive when I got here today. Today's train had AEM-7AC #918 for power.

An MBTA Commuter Train being "pushed" as these trains operate in Push-Pull mode on the Corridor.

Amtrak Regional Train #172 with AEM-7 #947 for power makes its brief stop.

Inside the station are these kiosks that display the info for the next train that will be arriving at the station, very modern looking and easy to read.

At 3:20pm, Acela Express Train #2158 arrives with Power Car #2010 on the lead, #2015 was the trailer.

Acela Express Train #2171, this time with Power Car #2037 on the lead, picks up passengers on its way to Washington, D.C.

Another MBTA Commuter Train. Some of these trains only bypass the station with others making regular stops here.

Regional Train #175 arrives with AEM-7 #951 for power at 3:53pm.

Regional Train #174 now arrives with AEM-7AC #928 on the lead.

At 4:28pm Acela Express Train #2173 lead by Power Car #2020 would be the last train I would photograph here today as the sun was getting low in the sky causing some harsh shadows.

At 5:05pm, back at South Station, Acela Express #2175 sits at the station awaiting its departure a bit later with Power Car #2005 leading.
   And so ends a decent day of railfanning on the corridor. I will definitely have to come back here again sometime as there's a good amount of traffic to see. It was now time for me to see something in Boston that was depicted for years on the TV Show "Cheers", that would be the original bar that inspired the series, click in the table below for the story...