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Trainwatching Report - Selkirk, NY & Points Around The Capitol Region - August 15th, 2002

Trainwatching Report:
Amsterdam, Selkirk, & Points Around The Capitol Region
Thursday, August 15th, 2002 - Continued From Page 1

   We took a drive through Guilderland, NY which was hit the day before by a very large severe thunderstorm, we stopped at French's Hollow Road but didn't see anything. Our next stop would be in Voorheesville, NY near CP-VO where a diamond with the old Delaware & Hudson Line to Binghamton used to cross. The diamond has been removed though CP-VO still remains a Control Point for CSX in that area. We didn't see any trains here either but I did manage to take a few photos which are shown below...
   The Diamond that no longer exists, this is looking down the now "Out Of Service" D&H Line at Voorheesville, NY. Based on the red signal in the above left photo, I sure hope whatever train finds its way onto this line knows to stop! The above right photo is a closer view near where the diamond once was located.

The road crossing in the foreground was from the D&H Line that's out of service. Funny how they left the cross bucks up with the lights and just removed the gates. The second crossing is in service as it is the CSX Selkirk Branch.
   Our next stop would be in Selkirk, NY which of course is home to one of CSX's largest yards in its entire system. There was a decent amount of Freight Traffic in the yard but most of it was hidden by freight cars on the outer edge of the yard. Here are some photos taken from Ben's Bridge as well as areas near the yard that were accessible for photography.
Looking East from Ben's Bridge at Selkirk Yard.
Freight Cars in the foreground with the refueling bays marked by the towers in the background.
The large brown building in the middle of this photo is CSX's main dispatching center where all traffic on the Selkirk Branch, Chicago Line and many others is controlled. This view was again seen from Ben's Bridge.
A freight, seen near US 9W, getting ready to leave the yard.
Now I know where Atlas got its idea for "Snap Track"!!! Witness the real thing right here!
   After leaving this area, we drove down to CP-SK and met up with a railfan from Long Island who was also trainwatching there. A few freights went by, here on the East End of Selkirk Yard where the CSX Boston Line and River Line form and head away from the yard.
   The line shown heading to the left in the photo is the CSX Boston Line, the line turning sharply to the right is the River Line. The Port Of Albany Branch meets up with the Boston Line here as well and can be seen vaguely in this photo in the far left near the small brown building.
A couple light engines doing some work in and out of the yard, heading down the River Line at CP-SK.
The same 2 units heading back into the yard.
CSX Train Q-410 coming into the yard from the River Line with AC6000CW #645 at 5:49pm.
CSX Train Q-423 (Conrail Train FRSE) arrives at CP-SK on the Boston Line with AC6000CW #630 on the lead with a former Conrail SD80MAC trailing at 5:53pm.
Coming off the Port Of Albany Branch onto the Boston Line is this CSX Freight with C40-8W #7664 at 6:08pm.
   This would be it for today for railfanning, Rich and I would head back to his apartment to watch a couple railroad videos before I headed back to my Hotel in Amsterdam. The Selkirk Branch offers several good places to railfan, just always stay back a safe distance and CSX will give you the "Take all the damn pictures you want" mentality. Special thanks to Rich for driving me around the area today to get all these pictures!