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Trainwatching Report - Amsterdam, NY - August 16th, 2002

Trainwatching Report:
Amsterdam, New York Amtrak Station
Friday, August 16th, 2002

   I checked out of my hotel around 11:00am when it was time to do so, caught a cab back to the Amtrak Station and would wait there until the arrival of my train, Empire Service Train #281 at 3:09pm. I figured that the speed restriction would go into effect today as it has all week as high temps were forecast to be in the low 90's once again.
   The first train I would see today was Amtrak Train #63 - The Maple Leaf bound for Toronto. This train was the long holdout in the Northeast that sported an F40 for power as late as the Fall of 2001 before Via Rail Canada finally started using GE P42's. Today's train has P40DC #820 on the lead at 11:11am, running 32 minutes late.
This Eastbound CSX Freight with SD60M #8760, a former Conrail Unit is next passing by at 11:37am.
This Van Train was next with C40-8W #7873 on the lead on Track #1 at 11:56am.
In the "Dark Future" Paint Scheme, here is brand new AC4400CW #590 leading Train Q-119 (Conrail Train TV-9) at 12:10pm.
This Autorack Train was next with C40-8W #7365, a former Conrail unit on the lead at 12:28pm on Track #1.
A Light Engine Move was next up with a BNSF C44-9W on the lead. I saw my share of these units in California last Winter when I visited there. This group of units was most likely headed to Selkirk.
Lease Unit FURX #3047, an SD40-2 leads Train Q-112 (Conrail Train TV-24) through Amsterdam at 1:19pm just before a huge thunderstorm would hit the area as evidenced by the quickly darkening sky to the West!
Amtrak Train #286 arrives at 1:41pm, 40 minutes late with P32AC-DM #704 on the lead today.
On the end of Train #286 was Private Car "Dagny Taggart", an Observation Car, which is quite different to see on the end of an Amtrak Train!
No, your not looking at an Amtrak Train in the mid-1970's when they ran Observation Cars, this is another view of the "Dagny Taggart" on the end of Train #286, on its way to Albany, and New York City.
At 2:00pm, when that thunderstorm I mentioned before actually hit the area, this Van Train went by heading West. I took this slide by peaking out the door of the station since it was just starting to rain.
Next up is this Eastbound Van Train with C40-8W #7723 on the lead on Track #1 just after that storm hit at 2:21pm.
This Westbound Manifest is next with AC4400CW #215 leading at 2:44pm.
   Finally, Amtrak Train #281 arrives into Amsterdam at 3:07pm, 2 minutes EARLY! Very shocking considering the outside temps and all the speed restrictions, we would be under the speed restriction though after we left Amsterdam. That would be all for today in Amsterdam as I was now heading home, to see the small Travelogue from the last Segment of this trip, Click in the table below.