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Trainwatching Report - Amsterdam, Selkirk, & Capitol Region - August 14th-15th, 2002

Trainwatching Report:
Amsterdam, Selkirk, & Points Around The Capitol Region
Wednesday & Thursday, August 14th & 15th, 2002

Shortly before Bill & I headed back to the Amtrak Station after I checked into my hotel, this Westbound with Union Pacific SD70M #4684 with the new Wings Logo on the nose seen passing by Guy Park in Amsterdam on August 14th at 4:45pm.
Back at the Amsterdam Amtrak Station is Train Q-621 (The Old Conrail SECN) with Canadian National SD75I #5747 on the lead on Track #1 at 5:33pm.
The first train I photographed on the 15th was this CSX Van Train with AC6000CW #631 heading West on Track #1 at 11:55am.
Heading East along the Mohawk River/Erie Canal is this Eastbound with SD40-2 #8338 at 12:04pm. The river that day was as smooth as glass, the only ripples coming when an occasional pleasure boat would whiz by.
CSX Train Q-169 (Conrail Train TV-BN) is seen passing by Amsterdam with C40-8W #7842 at 12:08pm.
This Van Train came by next with C40-8 #7509 on the lead at 12:21pm.
CSX Train Q-167 (Conrail Train TV-79) is next with AC4400CW #558 at 12:55pm.
The Old State Road Overhead Bridge, closed to vehicle traffic, provides a nice overhead view of the Selkirk branch.
CSX Train Q-626 heads East into Selkirk with AC4400CW #286 on the Selkirk Branch.
This Track Inspection Vehicle was headed into Selkirk shortly after Q-626 passed by.
CSX Train Q-285 showed up next, leaving Selkirk Yard just a couple miles East of here with C40-8W #7919, a former Conrail/LMS Lease Unit at 3:28pm.