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Trainwatching Report - Springfield, MA - August 13th, 2002

Trainwatching Report:
Springfield, Massachusetts - August 13th, 2002

The Front Doors of Amtrak's Station in Springfield, MA. Note my reflection in the windows due simply to my lack of planning when I took this slide! The station is actually built into a huge stone wall that extends up more than 20 feet.

Inside the first floor of the station is this painting in the lower level waiting room. The painting looks to be something from the Mid-1980's as it shows a building to the right labeled "Bank Of Boston" which I believe is now Fleet Bank.
The first train I photographed today was Northeast Direct/Acela Regional Train #475 with P40DC #826 on one end and another P40 on the other. This train would end up leaving later on that day. It consisted of only 2 coaches and no cafe car.
On the other end of Train #475 is P40DC #804. This train operates in "Push-Pull" mode on its journey.
CSX Train Q740 passes by the station with GP40-2 #6246 leading at 11:41am.
These 2 locomotives were doing some "yard work" in the area and passed by a few times.
The lead unit was GE B36-7 #5837 with a GP40-2 trailing.

CSX Train Q-741 arrives into Springfield with GP40-2 #6211 on the lead at 12:11pm.
Next up is CSX Train Q-116 (The Old Conrail TV-6) with AC6000CW #670 on the lead at 12:25pm.
The Connecticut Southern Railway also uses this section of the CSX Boston Line. Here is their train with 2 GE B39-8E's which were Ex-LMX Units, their train is symboled by them as "CSO1"
Now arriving in Springfield is Northeast Direct/Acela Regional Train #145 from Boston arriving at 12:50pm,
20 minutes late, with P40DC #818 for power, passing the parked #475.
This is the original Springfield Station. The cars in the foreground are parked where there at one point
were lots of tracks. The Amtrak facility is behind me in this view and is much smaller in size.