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Trainwatching Report - Springfield, MA - August 13th, 2002

Trainwatching Report:
Springfield, Massachusetts - August 13th, 2002
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   Now arriving is Amtrak Train #55, The Vermonter with an Ex-Metroliner Cab Control Car #9641 on this end of the train and a P40DC on the other. This train seen at 2:31pm, 16 minutes late and serves intermediate points between Washington D.C. & St. Albans, Vermont. I was told by a member of the train crew that this Car on the end had problems with its overhead light and would need replacement. The crew started one of the units from the parked Train #475 but later was able to get the cab car light fixed enough that it could safely continue on the rest of its trip.
The P40DC on the other end of Train #55, The Vermonter. Today's Train had unit #815 in the consist.
Next up is the St. Albans, Vermont-bound Vermonter, Train #56 with another Ex-Metroliner Cab Control Car in the consist seen arriving into Springfield at 2:53pm, 13 minutes late.
On the other end of Train #56 is P40DC #808.
Now pulling into the Station is Train #475 on its way to New Haven, Connecticut.
On Train #474, Ex-Metroliner Cab Control Car #9640 sits and waits for its departure at 4:12pm.
Train #475 leaving Springfield.
Next up is this Westbound CSX Freight with AC6000CW #678 leading at 4:46pm.
   And Finally, Train #449, The Lake Shore Limited - Boston Section arrives into Springfield at 5:01pm and would take me on Leg #2 of this trip back to Albany. It was a good day in Springfield today as there is a decent amount of Amtrak action to be found here along with several CSX Freights. If I could change one thing, it would be this oppressive heat, it was 96 degrees out here today! Well we can't have everything but Thank God, there was a pop machine inside where I could grab a quick Aquafina Water! To see Segment #2 of this trip, Click in the table below...