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1999 Summer Vacation Railfanning Trip

Sandusky, Ohio: July 18th, 1999
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   The first train that came by after I arrived was the Eastbound TV-204 with renumbered "Ex-Con" SD60M #6757 which started its life as Conrail #5644, traveling on Track #2 at 8:01am.
   Later on, I headed over to the other side of the small switching yard in Sandusky, and this GP40-2 #3310, still in full Conrail Paint was sitting parked on a yard track. This unit sometime in the near future will become Norfolk Southern #3018. Although not visible in the photo, NS has already installed ditch lights on the rear of this unit.
   The last train I would end up seeing at Sandusky was this Eastbound TV train with a pair of renumbered Dash-8's on track #2 at 8:50am.

   After taking the above photo, I packed up my camera gear and headed into town for some exploring while on vacation. Sandusky is quite the tourism town, with nearly every national chain restaurant and hotel on the face of the planet occupying land in this city!!! It was very warm that day, with temperatures in the upper 80's. Among the other things I did while visiting Sandusky, I did an awful lot of walking, since I had so much time available to me that day, and I saw the South Park movie at a local theater, something I don't recommend letting any children see, but that's another story. By late afternoon, it had rained pretty good, so I ended up taking a long walk that got me nowhere, so I later hopped in a taxi and headed up to the Sandcastle Suites Hotel in Cedar Point to meet up with my Family (they drove a Lincoln, they're not into railfanning).

Monday, July 19th, 1999:

   Today and Tuesday, would be the days my Family and I would be at Cedar Point enjoying our vacation. A page about Cedar Point is coming soon, but for now, I can show you here, pictures of the Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad, the narrow-gauge line that runs throughout the park.

   Arriving at the Main Midway Station, one of the 2 Cedar Point & Lake Erie trains prepares to make its stop to pick up and drop off passengers.
   While stopping to pick up passengers, the fireman oils the bearings on CP&LE 2-4-0 #22, the "Myron K". This locomotive was actually built in the 1920's and is a fully operating steam locomotive, one of 2 regular ones used in service on this neat little 3ft. Narrow-Gauge Railroad.

   Our vacation at Cedar Point was great as usual, it was the 8th year in a row that we went there on vacation, and with a new roller coaster going in next year, we'll probably be heading back there again. After spending the 2 days in the park with my family, I had to wake up very early in the morning on July 21st, to catch my train to Syracuse, my Dad drove me over to the Amtrak Station, and I waited with a handful of other passengers for the train. Special thanks, to my Dad, for driving me to the Amtrak Stations to catch my trains at all those odd hours of the night!!!, also, to my Family (Mom, Dad, Em, Joe), for a neat vacation at Cedar Point!!! To see the next leg of the trip report, click in the table below...