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Travelogue: Syracuse, New York - March 29th, 1999

Syracuse, New York - March 29th, 1999

   I was on spring break from school and I figured it would be cool to head out to the Syracuse, New York area to get in some trainwatching. Railpace Newsmagazine had done a nice article about railfanning in the Syracuse Area back in July 1998, and I used that article while in Syracuse to find my way around the area. The new Transit Center is open and is amazing. Syracuse is a great railfanning area, this trip report talks about what I saw while I was there...

   Before leaving for Syracuse, I waited on the platform at the Depew, NY Amtrak Station and photographed this "Ex-Con", renumbered Ex-Conrail GP40-2 #3026, to the best of my knowledge, this unit is former Conrail #3324. Norfolk Southern is quickly renumbering its share of Conrail's power, so get your shots while you still can before they all get renumbered!!!

   Just before my train was to leave Buffalo, this snuck up on me!!! Here is SD50 #6783 pulling what looks like 2 generators, I'm not sure what they were for or where they were going.

   Here, is my train to Syracuse, Amtrak Train #286, the Empire State Express, with GE P32AC-DM #709 on the lead. The train consisted of its usual 4 coach, 1 lounge car consist. We left Buffalo on time and passed the freight, pictured at the beginning of this report somewhere near Batavia.

   Having just arrived in Syracuse, is my train, at the brand-new Transit Center, at 11:22am. The track the train is on is a siding that begins just to the west of the terminal and ends around a bend just east of the terminal.
   I stayed at the Terminal for about an hour and photographed the Conrail Track Geometry Train, with B23-7 #1933 leading the eastbound on Track #1 at 11:59am. Unfortunately, Mondays are slow days on the Chicago Line through this area, as I would come to find out. But I did manage to get some action photographed at a popular trainwatching spot in nearby Solvay, New York, to see that, Click in the table below...