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Corning To Buffalo, NY On The Erie Limited
  After getting a fresh load of coal put into her tender, and being watered, #765 was ready to depart Corning back to Buffalo. At 3:26pm, we departed Corning with a new crew and a new symbol for the tip west, we were NS Train #957 coming here and are now Train #958 heading back. Due to the turning of the train, I was now getting views on the other side of the tracks compared to the ride to Corning. We could now see the Gang Mills Yard with several pieces of NS power there as well. We would eventually ride along the Canisteo River again and once through Addison, cookies were served along with Panera Bread fruit parfaits, more good eats! We eventually headed through Hornell (no stopping there this time though), and then Swain and Dalton and on into Portageville for another trip across the Letchworth Gorge! By now, it was starting to get cloudy, but that didn't stop hundreds of people from heading over to Letchworth State Park to see us cross the Genesee River again!
  Once out of Portageville and Silver Springs, we would pass another freight at CP-Linden before passing through Attica and onto Darien Center. Due to the changing weather conditions, we ended up seeing some very impressive rainbows once out of Alden and heading towards Lancaster! The trip was now drawing to a close as we eventually went over Transit Road (N.Y. Route 78) and then under the New York State Thruway, now back in Bison Yard territory. We would pull up past CP-Panama and back up the Panama Lead track which is the same track we boarded from this morning. At 7:35pm, we arrived back at Buffalo and began to exit the train.
  It would now be raining as soon as I got off the train but knowing I wanted to get more pix of #765 (this trip didn't have any runbys and vestibule fanning was not allowed either), I walked back to my car, grabbed my umbrella and headed back to the train where a few dozen passengers were near the head-end getting pix and video of the engine. I stayed there for a few minutes and got more roster photos of the train as well as a few photos of some impressive rainbows, before eventually going back to my car and heading out of the yard. I would briefly stop at Buffalo-Depew Amtrak for a bit then head home, and what an incredible day it was! Included in the link below are photos taken on the ride back to Buffalo. This however would not be the end of this incredible weekend of train riding as I had a full day of railfanning planned the following day, this time covering the train route by car! I think you'll like what you're about to see. Before we get to those pix however, here are some photos taken on the ride back to Buffalo from Corning!