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The Erie Limited Photos: Corning To Buffalo, NY
Cutler Creek about to go underneath East High Street and eventually I-86 in Corning and there's a Wendy's and Bob Evans at this exit, good eats!!!
Crossing over where the Cohocton River meets the Tioga River near Painted Post, NY. In this area, those two rivers become the Chemung River.
Looking out at the Chemung River.
Passing through Gang Mills Yard at Gang Mills, NY.
NS GE ES40DC #7632 sits at Gang Mills.
EMD SD40-2 #3491 with #3470 in the yard at Gang Mills.
NS EMD GP38-2's #5338 and #5297, both former Conrail units.
A Corning Glass Factory near Erwin, NY.
Crossing Main Street in Addison, NY.
Riding along the Canisteo River in Canisteo, NY
Some track sections in the Hornell Yard.
Now back in Hornell, NY we cross the Canisteo River. The road bridge in the background carries Park Drive over the river.

At CP-Cass, the Olean Secondary Track which runs back towards Olean starts here in Hornell.
An old barn near Swain, NY.
Crossing Oakland Street in Dalton, NY.
Riding through Portage, NY, the weather was starting to get "interesting"!
Now back in Letchworth State Park at Portageville, NY (yes there's a town named Portage, and another named Portageville), we're crossing the mighty
Genesee River and lots of railfans/spectators came out to see us as we continued on our journey back to Buffalo!
A wide-angle version of this million dollar view from the bridge of the Letchworth Gorge!
Looking south this time at the Genesee River at Portageville.
Another view looking south, more railfans were there to see us as well!
The brush on the south side of the bridge has been cleared out by Norfolk Southern in preparation of the new replacement bridge's construction so
this wider view for the railfans was made possible. Good luck again trying to get a parking space in this part of Letchworth State Park!!!
Near Silver Springs, NY, its definitely getting cloudy, I sure hoped the rain would hold off until the end of the trip but eventually it did rain!
OK, the sun's back as we pass this gravel pit in Alexander, NY.
One massive corn field near Attica, NY.
Coming into Attica near CP-Attica.
Passing by the former Erie Railroad freight depot at Attica, the building looks to be in good shape, good job NS!
More fans in Attica near the Exchange Street Road crossing.
Good day for a round of golf at the Attica Golf Club.
Railfans on Erie Street in Darien Center, NY.
Passing the former Erie Railroad freight depot at Darien Center.
Crossing Transit Road (N.Y. Route 78) at Lancaster, NY, getting close to home.
Interesting double rainbow (I said it would eventually rain!) near the Depew Ice Pavilion in Depew, NY.
The Depew, Lancaster & Western Railway operates in the Lancaster area and their Alco RS-11 #1800 was out on their property when we passed by!
So that's where my old car ended up after I traded it in!
Cue the Van Halen music! We're now passing CP-Panama, back in Bison Yard. We would then back up onto the Panama Lead track.
Now backing up on the Panama Lead track, we pass by the big intermodal facility that NS built here in Bison Yard when they rebuilt the yard
after acquiring the property from Conrail.
#765, welcome back to Buffalo!!! Here we see our fearless leader in Bison Yard!
Profile shot! Built in 1944 by the Lima Locomotive Works!
Very impressive running gear on #765!
#765 in the evening "glint" light, despite dodging some raindrops at the end, it was a great day for a train ride!
Lots of passengers hung out by the train after we got back to the yard for pictures and to get one last look at the mighty Berkshire!
A wide-angle view of the train at the end of a great run!
One more view of that impressive now double-rainbow. So where's the pot of gold everyone keeps talking about???