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Photos From Along The Route Of The Erie Limited
  For me, the excursion itself may have ended yesterday but the adventure overall was far from it! Yes, today I would go photograph this train along the route at several locations!!! I had planned to do this over the past couple months trying to find good locations along the route to photograph the train with the help of the internet! I would end up getting photos at a total of seven locations! Those included Letchworth State Park, Hornell, Corning (two locations), Hornell again at a different location, Silver Springs, and finally Attica. Included here is a collection of photos taken along the route of this incredible train! Enjoy...
Crossing the Upper Falls on the Genesee River at Letchworth State Park in Portageville, NY, we see The Erie Limited crossing the big bridge here.
Norfolk Southern will be constructing a new bridge next to this one in the coming years and this original iron bridge will be removed, which
makes this train running over it very special as this likely was one of the last passenger trains to operate over this bridge (its final run
was on Monday, August 3rd during the ferry move to get the equipment to Pennsylvania through here for another excursion) !
A closer view of the train crossing this mighty bridge!
A view of some of the train's consist.
A view from a dome car is a view like no other, especially going over a bridge like this!!!
And with Dover Harbor bringing up the markers, the Erie Limited continues its journey to the Glass City of Corning, NY!
Now in Hornell, #765 departs from her stop to pick up Subway sandwiches for passengers. This was near E Avenue Extension and Cedar Street in Hornell.
Profile shot, side view of #765, one impressive Berkshire!
Have a good trip #765, see ya in Corning!
The E Avenue Extension road crossing with the Erie Limited now heading for Corning.
Now arriving in the Glass City of Corning, NY, #765 parallels Buffalo Street and will stop just east of this location for passengers to
take a bus over to the Corning Museum Of Glass.

The former Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad passenger station in Corning. Passengers detrained near here but the
station itself (outside of the parking lot) was not used.

#765 returns from being turned on the Corning Secondary. This was the area where passengers will board, hence the green safety line in the ballast.

Now parked at the loading spot, #765 poses for photos while passengers board and spectators look on!
Back at Buffalo Street, we see #765 departing The Glass City and heading back to the Queen City of Buffalo!
The former Erie Railroad passenger station in Hornell creates a backdrop for #765 as she will soon fly through here at track speed!
Welcome back to Hornell #765, nice to see you again!!!
And bringing up the markers, heading out of Hornell is the famous Pullman "Dover Harbor"!
Now up in Silver Springs, NY, we see #765 pass by the Morton Salt factory.
Another view at Silver Springs near the salt factory.
And what would be my final location, we see the Erie Limited in Attica by the Stevens Road crossing. Due to being stuck in traffic, I never got to
my next stop in Alden, so I was off to have some Chinese food and would call it a great day! Click below though, there's more!