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Replicating the Golden Age of Railroading


The '20s, '30s and Beyond Model Railroad replicates the golden age of railroading in 1:87 HO scale. Members build and transport their own six-foot-long modules that depict North American railroading during the period from the end of WWI through the steam-to-diesel era. We set up several times a year at public locations in southern California.

NEW! Mini-modules

Because there are more one-day shows these days, the club is adding 3' x 1-1/2' foot mini-modules. They're easy to transport and set up. When several are connected for a display they will form a nice switching layout. This photo shows how one might look. Click on the "Mini-module basics" link at the right for more information.

On display at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, CA

Our 21' x 27' layout was operating in the lobby from November 16 through 23.

It takes a team to set up a show display

After a show, the layout is disassembled. Members will transport their own modules home. Club items will be loaded into the empty trailer with custom-made shelving to store things compactly and securely. Photo by Mel Johnson.

Members load a corner module into the club-owned trailer at the end of the weekend. It takes about a half dozen people to set up and tear down the layout without burdening any one person with too much work. Photo by Mel Johnson.

Club members' UP modules are in MRH magazine

See it free!: Model Railroad Hobbyist, Feb. 2018

Model Citizens movie

Model Citizens DVD

Two club members make a couple of very brief silent appearances. The movie is very well-done documentary about the people who make model railroading what it is, including Michael Gross and Jack Burgess to name just two. Click here for information on how to see it.





Updated March 24, 2022.