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'20s,'30s and Beyond Model Railroad

Replicating the Golden Age of Railroading

New members are welcome

You can re-create history and have fun doing it. We are a group of model builders who have made a small version of the U.S. as it was from the end of World War I through the steam-to-diesel transition era.

Since forming in 1991, the club has earned many first place awards while displaying in the Southern California area. Each member builds a six-foot-long section (called a module) that is connected with others at public shows in convention centers and large halls.

There is no cost to join other than that of building your module. We are so informal that there are no club officers, no bylaws and no dues. All we ask is that your module be of a similar high quality as the ones already made. We can help you get started.

The club sets up at public shows in southern California about four times a year.

If you are interested, send us a message by clicking on the "Contact us" link at the right. Just build a module, set it up at a meet and you'll be a member. You can also help out at events without being a member. This would give you a chance to meet us and see what we're about.