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Keeping Track

The Official Newsletter of the Western Railroaders' Hall of Fame & Museum

Volume 1, Number 1 -- Page 3 of 4

Society News

The Western Railroaders' Hall Of Fame & Museum (WRHOF&M) was begun to provide a way to honor railroaders across North America and contribute to everyone's education and understanding of the contributions railroaders have made to the growth and development of the West. Our emphasis will be on those who have helped build and operate railroads in the Western United States, Western Canada, and Mexico using interpretive displays of memorabilia and equipment.

Our support group, Friends of the Western Railroaders' Hall Of Fame & Museum is made up of people who enjoy history. Many are active in and support a number of different preservation groups.

The address is:
Friends of the WRHOF&M
2533 N. Carson St., Suite 202
Carson City, NV 89706


(Steam Train Excursion And Museum) seeks to preserve the experience of travel aboard the famous trains of the "Golden Age" of railroad passenger train travel. The STEAM group has located a mainline steam locomotive that can be restored and used to pull a mainline excursion train made up of restored privately owned passenger cars that were once part of famous North American passenger trains. STEAM welcomes new members ($25 individual/$35 family membership dues). Their address is:
Friends of STEAM
113 W. Pillsbury, Suite E
Lancaster, CA 93534

Ed. Note: though there is another mainline steam locomotive operational in Southern California, steam locomotives require a lot of tender loving care (maintenance) and thus the desirability of having more than one available for regular excursion service.

The Bodie Railway & Lumber Company Association...

has been formed to rebuild its namesake. They are trying to track down information on the whereabouts or final disposition of the Tybo, first locomotive on the Bodie Ry. & Lumber Co. According to their newsletter, The Link And Pin, it was purchased from the Eureka & Palisades Railroad in 1881. It is described as follows: Steam Locomotive 2-6-0 Mogul, built 1874 by Baldwin #3638, cylinders: 12 inch x 16 inch, drivers: 40 inch diameter. Identifying marks: connecting rods, reverse lever, links and other finished parts stamped: "8/18 D 10". It may bear a plate stating that it was rebuilt by the Virginia & Truckee. Information available indicates that it was sold to the Inyo Development Co. and became their Locomotive #1. It worked at the salt works in Keeler California at the end of the Carson & Colorado Railroad (S.P. Owens Valley narrow gauge line). Where it went after that is the mystery.

For more information contact:
Roderic Mac Duff
Box 38
Lee Vining, CA 93541
(619) 647-6234

The East Broad Top Railroad...

has been listed by The National Trust For Historic Preservation as one of the "11 Most Endangered National Historic Landmarks in 1996". You are urged to write in support of its preservation to:
Governor Tom Ridge
Capitol Building, Room 225
Harrisburg, PA 17120
Fax: (717) 783-1396

Also, please send a copy to:
Friends of the East Broad Top
9910 Old Spring Road
Kensington, MD 20895

The Orange Empire Railway Museum...

reached an agreement with San Bernardino County to acquire Union Pacific 2-8-2 #2564. It had been on exhibit in a county park. It was built in 1921 by ALCO's Brooks works, Dunkirk, N.Y., for Union Pacific subsidiary Los Angeles & Salt Lake. It was traded to the Oregon Short Line in 1923, and became their #2564. Orange Empire Railway Museum has established a special "UP 2564 Fund" to receive donations to help cover moving and restoration expenses. Donations may be sent to:

OERM's 2564 at:
P.O. Box 548
Perris, CA 92572

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Western Railroaders' Hall of Fame & Museum.

Mr. James G. Hogben

(c) Copyright 1997-2002 Western Railroaders' Hall of Fame & Museum

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