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Our Mission


      We are brought together in the fraternity of model railroading.  We meet on a regular basis, to share knowledge and to enjoy the friendships that model railroading enables us to foster.  We believe that model railroading is a worthwhile pastime that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.
      We do not restrict membership to any age group, race, creed, skin colour or sex.  All memberships are decided upon by a simple majority vote following attendance by the initiate of four consecutive club meetings.
      The members will vote "for or against" inclusion of the candidate based simply upon the person's interest in model railroading and their compatibility with the rest of the membership.
      Membership can and will be revoked if a member does not behave in a socially acceptable manner as decided by the full membership.
      The club reserves the right to limit membership at any time.
      An annual business meeting will be held at the second meeting in January of each year.
      At that time officers will be elected or appointed on a volunteer basis, dues collected and a financial report delivered by the treasurer.
      Dues are $10.00 Canadian per annum and must be paid within two weeks of the annual meeting or at such times as members are admitted to the club. Failure to pay fees will result in revocation of membership. Any change in fee structure must be approved by a simple majority of the membership.
      All club projects requiring the use of club funds will be voted on by at least a simple majority of membership, before any funds are released by the treasurer.
     Members who wish to pay for "approved" club purchases, will be reimbursed upon presentation of a receipt to the treasurer.
      The club is responsible for supplying refreshments ie: coffee and light snacks for regular meetings. 
      The official representation of the club currently consists of one  elected member [treasurer] and various volunteers to carry out the basic requirements of the club

Approved by simple majority vote Nov. 11, 2002


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