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On Saturday, April 16th, 2011, I attended the annual Calrailfans railfanning meet at McClellan Business Park. Once I got there, there was already quite a crowd.
Here's some shots of the Rarus Railroad GP9's

An eastbound manifest rolled through to Roseville. I attained a new nickname from this day, since we have a guy we nicknamed Westbound, I aquired Eastbound, because I would yell the word whenever an EB train headed our way.

And another big one with a Distributed Power Unit, referred to as DPU's or dupes

Ore Train, OISRM, Ore Iron Springs Utah
to Richmond California

Plane heading over the meet

Amtrak #6 California Zephyr to Chicago. They stopped because the dispatcher had too many trains in the yard. Figures. Omahaha.

An eastbound stacker.

I took a couple shots down an old industrial spur there at the meet.


EB Manifest


EB No Grainer

EB manifest

EB manifest

EB manifest

#5 California Zephyr to Emeryville with private car

A westbound I caught just minutes after getting on RT at Longview Road

And finally a Stacker I caught in Sacramento. I saw it minutes after I left the meet at 16:00

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