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Amtrak - Longview, TX (LVW)



Station Data:


905 Pacific Avenue
Longview, TX 75602



32.49 N, 94.73 W


101 m / 330 ft


80,455 (Census 2010)



Open Hours

8:30am - 7:15pm  Daily


Brick, Built in 1940


27,920 (FY2008)


Amtrak Train:

Train Name Route


[ Chicago, IL - San Antonio, TX - Dallas, TX - Los Angeles, CA ]

Station Improvement:
On May 10, 2014—National Train Day—officials from Longview, Amtrak and the East Texas region gathered with residents to dedicate the city's renovated depot, which originally opened for service in May 1940.

The building, now an intermodal center, includes a passenger waiting room, baggage room, community meeting space and offices for the Union Pacific Railroad and Longview Police Department.

(Source - "Great American Station" Refurbished Longview Depot Dedicated on National Train Day)

~ Longview Depot History ~

Longview Depot History

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Visited on December 31, 2016 (After renovation)

Photo 001 Photo 002

Longview Station renovated in May 2014

In front of Station

Photo 003 Photo 004

Station Building (Platform Side)

Amtrak Ticket Counter

Photo 005 Photo 006

Waiting Area

Waiting Area

Photo 007 Photo 008

Looking East (Chicago)

Looking West (San Antonio)

Visited on August 1, 2009 (Before renovation)

Photo 01 Photo 02

Longview Amtrak Station

Station Building (Platform Side)

Photo 03 Photo 04

Entrance (Platform Side)

Amtrak Station Name Board

Photo 05 Photo 06

Waiting Area and Ticket Counter

In front of the station

Photo 07 Photo 08

Looking East (Chicago)

Looking West (San Antonio)

Visited on March 10, 2002

Photo1 Photo2

Station Building

Thruway motor coach to Houston, TX

Photo3 Photo4

Looking West (San Antonio)

Looking East (Chicago)

Amtrak Longview Station (March 1974)

Amtrak Longview Station (October 1978)

Amtrak Longview Station (October 1991)

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