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The Texas and Southern RR is an example of "prototype freelancing" of a Class 1standard gauge railroad operating from Kansas City, Missouri to Corpus Christi, Texas.  There are
four divisions: Kansas, Oklahoma, North Texas, and South Texas.  Within the North Texas Division there are two sub divisions: the Wichita Falls Sub and the Lee Sub Division, which is modeled.  Within the Lee Sub the towns of Lee, Thomas, Silver Valley, and Glen are modeled.

The motive power is primarily first generation EMD diesels, with a few steam locos, mostly switchers, still working hard on the road.  Newer second generation EMD units are beginning to make an appearance, however.

The Texas and Pacific, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the T&S, runs east to west from New Orleans through Dallas and Ft Worth to El Paso.

In addition, the ATSF has trackage rights from Temple to Sweetwater via the Lee Sub Division.  When facing the railroad, SOUTH is always to your right; NORTH is always to your left.

In the Lee Sub Division, there are no signals and the dispatcher, call sign Dispatcher 6, controls all traffic.

Having used car cards since that operating system was first introduced in the February 1960 Model Railroader, I used RailOp Switch list program August 2003- December 2011.  I'm currently using JMRI Operations Program  train manifests produced by this excellent, kept current and free, user friendly software along with prototype track warrants for dispatching the Lee Sub.

The time period modeled is May, 1948 to May, 1978.  Operations are set in the month of May 1966.  

Sample of T&S/T&P Track Warrant
Photo of JMRI Operations Panel used for Dispatching Lee Sub