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This is the seventh layout I have built since being introduced to the hobby at my very first Christmas when I was six months old.

Five of the seven layouts have carried the T&S herald.  Construction of the present layout began in the fall of 1996.  The current layout occupies one half (10' x 20') of a two car garage .  The track plan represents the Lee sub division and is a modified point to point with two staging yards and two interchanges.  (The T&P at Lee and the Texas, Brazos and Western at Thomas.)  In addition, ATSF has trackage rights from Sweetwater, Texas (not modeled) through the sub to Temple, Texas (not modeled).

The layout was converted from the old standard electrical blocks to DCC using Digitrax DCS 100 command station. Decoders are installed in over 50 powered locos; freight cars available for operation totals 300.