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Wisconsin Trolley Images - K-P
         Here are images of streetcars and interurbans from various Wisconsin communities from K-P.  Many are from period postcards,
which are the only images of these early cars.   Because color photography wasn't available in the early days, the color ones were hand
painted to make them more attractive for sale.  Note the earliest ones had the messages written on the front, not the backside.  Some have
been cropped to eliminate the message portion and highlight the image.
Kaukana - Lowe Street                                    Kenosha - Market Square                                  Kenosha
Kenosha - Public Square                               Kenosha - Streetcar Meets MRK Interurban     Kenosha - Early North Shore Line Station
Kenosha - North Shore Line Station                Kenosha - TMER&L Station                           Kenosha - TMER&L Station
Kenosha - Lead to Bridge Over Sheridan Rd.    Kenosha - Bridge Over Sheridan Rd.                  LaCrosse - Main Street
Madison - At Carbarn                                   Madison - Car With Ads                                    Madison - Early Open Car
Madison - Trust Bank                                    Manitowoc - Streetcar On Eight Street              Manitowoc & Two Rivers Interurban
Manitowoc & Two Rivers Pass On Line         Marienette - Dunlop Square                               Marienette - Dunlop Square  
Marienette - Hotel Marienette                          Marienette - Main Street                                  Marienette - Along The Beach           
Merrill - Early Streetcar                                   Merrill - One Of The First Trackless Trolleys      Milwaukee - Solvay Coke Co.
Milwaukee - Solvay Coke Co.                        Mukwonago - TMER&L Station                     Mukwonago - Former TMER&L Station
Mukwonago - early Rolling Mill                      Muskego - Early Station Pioneer Rd.                 Neenah
Neenah - Wisconsin Ave.                               Neenah - Streetcar At Park                             Neenah - Wisconsin Ave.
Nekoosa - Along The Line                              Oconomowoc - TMER&L Station                 Oconomowoc - TMER&L Freight Station
 Omro- Interurban                                           Omro - Street Scene                                            Omro - Water Street
Oshkosh - Main Street                                        Oshkosh - New Streetcars                             Oshkosh - Main Street
Oshkosh - Main Street                                   Oshkosh - Snow Plow On Line                          Plymouth - Mill Street
Plymouth - Mill Street                                      Plymouth - Station                                         Port Edwards - Interurban
Port Washington - MN/TMER&L                   Port Washington - MN/TMER&L                   Port Washington - TMER&L Grand St.
Portage - Cook Street                                       Portage - Two Cars Meet                                   Portage - Cook Street
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