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Hi! My name is Nutmeg.

I like to drink milk, chase my big sister Kiwi, and meow. I was born on April 1, 1995. I'm not a fool, but I am a NUT. Some of my nicknames include: Nut, Nuttle, Nuttlemeg, Nuez, Nuecita. Sometimes I'm called Trashcatt because I love to scatter paper trash (the office is my favorite trashcan!).

I like to eat human food, especially Rice Crispy Treats. Yum! Sometimes my humans take me to the drive-in movies, and I get special tuna treats in exchange for keeping their laps warm. I like sticking my nose in the crook of my mom's arm.

My friend Kiwi is so fun to chase! But more often than not, she's chasing me! We're always finding new ways to sneak up on each other.

Here's a picture of me out prowling. Grrr!