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Hi! My name is Kiwi!

I like to meow, and play with my sister Nutmeg. My lucky humans brought me home on April 26, 1990. I was supposed to be sold in a fancy pet store, but the store was destroyed in an earthquake before I was born! So I got to live with my brothers and sisters until we all went to different homes. My mom was an oriental shorthair, black with blue eyes. My daddy was a tortie point Siamese, and so am I!

I don't always like strangers, I'm kind of shy. But I'm very loyal and devoted to my humans. Once they were stupid enough to put me in a kennel for a week. I went on a hunger strike and I only weighed 4 pounds when they came back. I showed them! They've never put me in a kennel since.

My favorite activity is to ambush my little friend Nutmeg, making her jump straight up!

Here's another picture of me as a very little kitten. Here's a picture of me stalking! And here's a picture of me on TV!