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To assist travel-planning, Links to timetables of railroads and airlines all over the world are made as many as possible. Heritage trains are also included.

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virtual travel in EUROPE

Welcome to Virtual Travel in Europe!

European Main lines

Germany, France, Swiss, Austria, Italy, U.K.
Netherland, Belgium, Luxenbourg, Spain, Portugal, Ireland,
Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania,
Poland, Czech, Slovak, Hungary, Bulgalia, Romania,
Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia-Montenegro, Macedonia,
Albania, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova
Liechtenstein, Monaco,
Vatican City , Malta , San Marino, Andorra,
Faroe Island, Cyprus ,

Links to railroads and airlines in other areas of the world are also added as possible.
Railroads Outside of Europe
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Airlines of the world
EurostarHP Thalys
Union of International Railroads
English German Norwegian French Spanish Portugese Italian Czech Croatia Turkey
timetable Fahrplan ruteplan horaire horario horario orario jizdni rad vozni red tarife
Eisenbahn (Bahn) jernbane chemin de fer ferrocarril caminho de ferro ferrovie zeleznice zeljeznica demiryolu
flight Flug flytur vol vuelo voo volo let bijeg uçus

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Railway and station pictures are included.
Enthusiast's Guide to Travelling the Railways of Europe

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