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Ukraine Railways

Ukraine Railways
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No english pages are found in Ukraine Railways Page.
Ukranian cyrillic is a liitlle defferent from Russian cyrillic. I prefe
r trying Russian pages for translation.

Ukraine page;

In Russian Page

CIS railway timetable (English)
is very useful. The UK flag at the left shoulder is he gate way to english.
There are many spaces in the top page though, selection of one way is sufficient to seek the timetable.
The top space above "Prefix search as default" is to seek the station with an initial few letter. You can find some from pull down menu. ` space above "Station rating" is to seek a major station from pull down mwnu, for example stations in Moskva, Sankt-Peterburg, Kiev, Minsk or Riga.
After either way, inputs of date of travel and time zone are requested. Then all the train (including depature and arrival) are shown. Clicking train number is to see details.

If you select Train number: all the trains of the same number will be shown in pull down menu with the train sections..
Selection of an appropriate train shows details of it.

If you fulfil the spaces in Route that follow "FROM:" and "TO:", the the trains in accordance are shown. Click on "time" at the tail is to show whole travelling time, for example from Moskva to Vladivostok, 8 days and 6 hous or so.

Russian, C.I.S. and Baltic Railway Timetables
The former name was Collection of Railway Timetables .and it is true, many linkage programs are written in Russian that is difficult to understand for ordinary travellars from outside.



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