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Slovenia Rail (SZ)

Slovenian railways (SZ) English
Slovenian National Timetable

 Informatios about SZ are written in English. Near the bottom of passengers traffic following lines are found written by blue letters.
National Timetable
International Timetable
Train connections from Ljubljana to major cities abroad 

National Timetable reveals a table request for inputting. This is written in Slovenian. English timetables are still not available. Refer to the explanation for Slovenian page.
International Timetable leads to DB (German railway) english timetable.
In Slovenian
Clicking on Vozni red vlakov reveals the timetable searching picture. Vstopna postaja: means departure station and Izstopna postaja: is destination. Selection should be made according to the pull down menus. Odhod and Prihod are for starting time and closing time. Keep upper Od: 00:00 , and input to lower Do: 24:00. After that clicking on Iskanje povezave shows a map, distance and timetables during a day. Povezave nazaj shows return trains. Odhod is departure time and Prihod is arrival time. Eas Potovanza means necessary time. Clicking on the number in the line of Povezave and then St. vlaka reveals details of the train.
Beneath Informacije,Mednarodni vozni red
Vozni red (v anglescini)
leads to DB (German railway) english timetable.


Clicking on ICS in the left column of the opeing page leads to new  ICS page. Clicking on vozni red shows INTER CITY SLOVENIJA between Ljubljana and Maribor.

d - ne vozi ob sobotah, nedeljah in praznikih = train runs except Saturday, Sunday and holyday.
G - vagon je prirejen tudi za prevoz oseb na invalidskih vozi kih
P - obvezna rezervacija sedeza = reservation compulsory.
O - bistro = buffet.
1 - vozi ob sobotah, nedeljah in praznikih od 21.6. do 31.8.2003. 
= Train runs on Saturday, Sunday and holiday between 21.6 and 31.8.2003.
2 - od 21.6. do 31.8.2003 vozi vsak dan.



Tuesday, October 21, 2003