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Railways of Portugal

CP Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses
alfa pendular is the official page.
Click on Horarios-Timetable on the red square below the clock. In the Horarios page, "English" written by very small letters down at the left side is the way to english timetable.
  Search at the 1st line is for national trains. you may select the depature and destination station respectively from pull down menu by clicking select.. Dicision of the precise station is requested, Concerning Lisboã you need select an appropriate station. Date shold be selected from a calendar.
Suburbans at the 2nd line is for suburban trains of Lisboã, Porto and Coimbra. Selection of the line name is necessary to see maps or timetables..
Sintra-Line is running regularly every 15 min.
Azambuja-Line From Lisboã Santa Apolonia to Azambuja , Queluz-Massama, Alcantara-Terra and Alverca .
Cascais-Line Tis line has rapid service between Cais do Sodre and Oeiras in the weekdays. Rapid service trains stop at Alcanta-Mar and Alges, then all sttions between Oeiras and Cascais.
Sado-Line    Start from ferry stationTerrairo do Paço, then Barriro station across the Tejo.Timetable is rather complicated.
4 lines are running around Porto.
Porto-Aveiro-Line Running very regularly.

Porto-Guimaraes-Line Sometimes change at Lousado or Santo Tirso is necessary from suburban trains to regional trains.
Porto-Marco de Canaveses-Line  

Long Distance fast trains are named as;

alfa pendular
Alfa Pendular/Intercity   fast national connections

Lisboa - Beja
Beja - Lisboa
Lisboa - Covilha
Covilha - Lisboa
Lisboa - Faro
Faro - Lisboa
Lisboa - Guarda
Guarda - Lisboa
Lisboa - Leiria
Leiria - Lisboa
Lisboa - Porto - Braga - Guimaraes
Guimaraes - Braga - Porto - Lisboa
Porto - Regua
Regua - Porto

International Trains

Lusitânia Hotel Train
Lisboa - Paris  Paris - Lisboa
Lisboa - Madrid Madrid - Lisboa
Porto - Vigo
  Vigo - Porto

Inter-Regional Trains
Regional Trains  
Special Trains Comboio Azul   Porto - Algarve once or twice a week.

Linhas/Lines timetable for Suburbans lines.
Servicios/Services maps and timetables of long distance train, etc.
You can find small leters "English" and "Portugues" alternatively at the left lower corner.

Fertagus Across the Tejo
on the Pont de 25 de Avril to South
Change at Jardim Zoologica from Metro B-line to Fertugas Sete Rios is the most convinient.
.Sentido Areeiro/Roma is direction to Areeiro/RomaSentido Fogueteiro is for Fogueteiro.

Espana - Portugal Lusitania Night Train from & to Spain



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