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Hungary National Railways (MÁV)

Hungary National Railroads(MÁV)-Hungary
MÁV English Timetables 

 Below Menetrend at the left top, you can input honnan: = depature station hova: = destination,but it is better to open Elvira from the begening. Tere are no English clue in the opeing page.
In the frame of mikor: ma is Holiday,holnap is ordinary day   click OKthen Timetables will be shown.
After inputting departure and destination stations and date (today or tomorrow) cliickin fo "OK" shows timetable. visszaut is for return trains.
Click the number of respective train, then reveales details of the train..Major cities in germany, Czech, Slovakia and Romania are included.

Elvira is for english.
Érkezés/Erk. = departure time Indulás/Ind. = arrival tome Átszállás = connecting station)
If you click on EU flag, German Rail Timetables will appear.
IC-timetable (IC-menetrend) shows main sections of Inter City.