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Estonian Railways (EVR)
EVR Ekspress
Estonian Museum Railway

You can find the letter ENGLISH with Union Jack at the center bottom, but documentations are about the company information. Search is not for timetables.

Clicking on
EVR Ekspress ( here, then selection of Söiduplaanid from upper column shows the timetables of Tallinn - Moskva. Selection of Tallinn - St.Peterburg from the right column shows timetable of this section.

Elektriraudtee Tallinn 
 SÖIDUPLAAN is for timetables. Lahtejaam: is depature station and Sihtjaam: is for destination. Input from the pull down menues.
Estonian Museum Railway
It lies about 100km south of Tallin. Following message is on the page.
Museum is looking for supporters for implementing of the projects listed at the development programme. Present support has unfortunatelly been unsuficcient for the further development despite of the great attractiveness of museum railway.




Sunday, November 09, 2003