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Deutsche Bahn (DB)

Deusche Bahn(DB)-Germany
DB English Timetables

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This is the most reliable for searching Timetable all over the Europe. Other railroad home pages as Britrail, Latvian, croatin and slovenian rail are using DB english page for seeking international trains. We can know the timetable to Athens and Istanbul, moreover from Moskow to Vladivostok or Peking(Beijing) including intermediate stations.

 In the left column, you can find the words " English / Français / Italiano
" and clicking of the appropriate language will shows the timetable page in accordance. . In the "Verbindungensuche" page in german, the sign of English appears at right side under the blue band and clicking of this also leads into the "Connections - Query page" in English. This is a very powerful to find timetables in the most parts of Europe. This page covers so called west Europe widely. Although Lisbon, Dublin, Helsinki, St.Petersburg., Moskow, Zagrev, Bucharest and Sofia are accessible as far as the international trains go,. search for national or inland tour in Ireland, Finland and C.I.S countries are impossible. In Norway and Sweden we can search timetables to the most northern station, as Bode and Narvik. East European countries are also covered as far as political circumstances are stable and operations of trains are stabilized.
For description of start station and destination, various expressions in diffrent languages are allowed. For example Geneva, Geneve and Genf, London and Londre, München, Munchen and Munich, Copenhagen, Kobenhavn and precise København in Danish are all acceptable. Umlaut in german and other phonetic signs are not required. Use of the capital letters is not obligatory. Compared to this German Rail Timetables, home pages of other railroads companies written in various languages are rather strict to accept English or other foreign expression of proper nouns.

For travel in Germany, Bus timetables are also included., Therefore, input as Schloß (Schloss) Charlottenburg in Berlin, Schloß Sanssouci or Schloß Cecilienhof in Potsdam, or Hohenschwangau (bus stop for Schloß Neuschwanstein) are available for depature point or destination. Numbers of bus line or tram will be demonstrated with transfer station. As total names of bus stops are demonstrated successively on clicking Itinerary Plus, we can easily avoid missing bus stop to get off.
For dating use of calendar clicking on next month and so on is requested, if you find the date of your travel, then click the Paste selected date and write the time optimal. Input age of client to show price of tickets. Then click again on Search Connection,
If departure station or destination is not clearly identified, the expression
"Your input "---" is ambiguous. Please choose from the selection list." will appear and selection from pull down menu is requested. Hbf is abbreviation of Hauptbahnhof, which means central or main station in English.
Buying Ticket−On the next page, selection of Ticket/reservation or reservation only are requested. After inputs of Numbers of seats: Non Smoker/Smoker. Open seat section / Compartment. Window seats. Table seats and others, Inputs of private information are requested. E-mail will come mentioning
Vielen Dank fur Ihre Bestellung.
Ihre Reisedokumente wurden erstellt und werden Ihnen per Post zugesandt.
DB Reise & Touristik Service-Center Neue Medien
The meaning is "Thank you for reservations, The Ticket will be sent by ordinary mail".
I have received the ticket in 10 days after my order.


The trains have the images of quiet office.running between Köln-Düsseldorf-Essen-Hamburg.
You can find "DIREKT ZUR HOME" at the rightcorne of the bottom. After clicking this, "FAHRPLAN & PREISE" at the right below is to see the timetables of MET trains.  "VON: NACH, DATUM" are from:, to:, and date respectively. You may select from pull down menu % calender..Köln, and Düsseldorf are not correctly written due to Umlaut signs in German.

DB Nachtzug
DB Night Train
EN EuroNight
Euronight covers widely in central europe and moreover Moskva, Ljubljana, Budapest, Paris and Roma

Select from pull down menu the left column from above:
Hin- u. Rückfahrt = go and return
Einfach = one way
Hinfahrt = go
Einsteig = ascend
Aussteig = descend
Datum = date
Jaar = year
Monat = month
Tag = day

No responce means the train is not running.:

Rückfahrt = return
input as above.
Suchen = Search
Löschen = Delete

Sitzwagen = sitting seat
Liegewagen = couchette
Schlafwagen mit Waschgelegenheit = sleeping car with a Basin
Select according to price and your plan
Weiter = proceed
Pay with a Credit Card

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