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Czech Rail (CD)

Now the page is on renewal process. CD English Timetables is available. is for bus timetable.Click on the U.K. flag in the lower right corner. After marking long distance bus, combination of the train and bus or city bus, clicking on Search connection >> will reveal time table search page as usual for train timetable. Timetable of the long distace bus such as the bus from Praha to Wien (Vienna) is demonstrable.
The page starts with the picture CESKE DRAHY . Then you should click on U.K. flag to get into the English  Timetables. The other way to reach English Timetable is to click JIZDNI RAD CD from the czechish picture. Praha hl.n. is Praha central station. "hl.n." is abbreviation of hlavni nádrazi. Input of Prague is not accepted, you have to input Praha for Prague. Search your trains and clicking the number of the train under "Lines, journey time" reveals itinerary timetables of the train. It takes more than 20 minutes between Praha Holesovice and Praha hl.n though, if you are not accustomed to Praha , you should better use Praha hl.n.. 



Tuesday, January 13, 2004