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Bulgaria Rail (BDZ)

Bulgaria State Railways(BDZ)
Bulgaria State Railway in English
Bulgaria State Railway EnglishTimetable

Gate to English pages is at the right shoulder.
From main menu. Select Services and Prices, and select Timetable below Passengers Travel , or directly select flushing BDZ' Timetable sign with a picture of train and the BDZ logo-mark that appears alternatively.
BDZ' Timetable.:..
Select departure station and destination from the pull down menu. but these pull down menues are arranged not in english alphabetical order, in cyrillic order, that is, ABVGDE.... You can select depature station from the pull down menu or the map below. Also you should select destination from the pull down menu or the map below. After input of date and time, click on Search to view the train.
Clicking at the blue information mark at the head of train number reveales detailed itinerary.
Clicking on the station name from the left column, then clicking on station timetable shows big tametable of all the trains of departure and arrival of the station, .and clicking on the train number will show itinerary.



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