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Austria Federal Rail (ÖBB)

ÖBB-Austrian Federal Railways
ÖBB English Home Page
ÖBB English Timetables

The picture starts with German, clicking on English at the right upper corner produces English picture. Clicking on Service & Travel and then you will find the letter timetable. after that you may follow discriptions

You can go to Helsinki in Finland, Kemi in the arctic circle, Novosilbisk in Russia, Parelmo in Sicilia or Lisbon in Portugal. Clicking on Detailansicht shows connection or transfer. Further informations are obtaied by clicking on Reisebegleiter.
GySEV runs in the Austria - Hungary border zone at the southof Vienna. is his URL. You can go to english description from the right column.
WLB Wiener Lokalbahn start from Vienna Opera using tram line rail. Rail extends to Josephsplatz in Baden. says every 15 minutes in one hour from Vienna. Baden Josephsplatz is possible to search from austrian ÖBB timetables.
Salzburger Lokalbahn
Stern & Hafferl Holding: ,
If you click on Fahrplane Online, then links to Gmundner Strasenbahn, Traunseebahn, Haager Lies, Linzer Lokalbahn-LILO, Lokalbahn Lambach-Vorchdorf, Attergaubahn become possible.

Links to other railway-sites in Austria.



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