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Locomotive Data

Manufacturer: Electro-Motive Division, GMC
EMD Model: GP9 (Drawing)
Date Built: April, 1955
Construction Number: 19978
S.P. Order Number: 5369-2
Weight: 259,720 pounds
Length: 55' 9" (over coupler pulling faces)
Maximum Height Above Rail: 14' 6"
Width Over Handrails: 10' 3"
Original Maximum Speed: 71 mph (61-16 gear ratio)
Interim Maximum Speed: 77 mph (60-17 gear ratio)
Current Maximum Speed: 65 mph (62-15 gear ratio)
Diesel Fuel: 1200 gallons
Engine Cooling Water: 250 gallons
Steam Generator Water: 1200 gallons
/---engine data

Engine Data

Model: EMD 16-567C (Drawing)
Serial Number: 55A87 (January, 1955)
Horsepower: 1750
Bore: 8 1/2"
Stroke: 10"
RPM AT Idle: 275
RPM At Full Throttle: 835
Oil Capacity: 200 gallons
Oil Pressure Maximum/Minimum: 65 lbs maximum, 6 lbs minimum at idle
Engine Weight: 31,200 pounds

/---------electrical data

Electrical Data

Low Voltage System: 64 volts D.C.
Battery Type: 8 Volt, 420 ampere hour
Battery Weight (each): 408 pounds (3264 pounds total)
Charging Generator: EMD 18KW (Drawing)
Charging Voltage: 72 Volts
Driving Method: Cam shaft gear train
High Voltage System: Up to about 1000 volts D.C. (note)
Main Generator: EMD D12-B (Drawing)
Driving Method: Engine crankshaft (rear)
Main Generator Weight: 17,250 pounds
Alternator: EMD D14
Alternator Output: 195 volts AC at 120cps (full RPM)
Alternator Location: Crankshaft end of main generator

Note: Locomotive makes transition at 965 volts.

/-----------Truck Data

Truck Data

Truck Centers: 31' 0"
Axle Spacing (within truck frame): 9' 0"
Wheel Diameter: 40" (new wheel)
Axle Diameter At Motor Bearing: 8" (new axle)
Axle Bearing Size: 6 1/2" by 12"
Wheel/Axle Assembly Weight: 4,100 pounds
Traction Motor (original): EMD D37
Traction Motor (current): EMD D77 (Drawing)
Traction Motor Weight: 6,165 pounds
Truck Assembly Weight: 39,000 pounds

/------------Air Compressor

Air System Data

Air Compressor (original): Air Cooled WXO (Drawing)
Air Compressor (current): Water Cooled WAE (Drawing)
Capacity: 234 Cubic Feet/Minute at 835 RPM
Driving Method: Engine crankshaft (front)
Compressor Weight: 1,575 pounds
Air Brake Type (original): Westinghouse HSC
Air Brake Type (current): Westinghouse 24RL

/--------------Steam Generator

Steam Generator Data

Manufacturer: Vapor-Clarkson
Model: OK4625 (Drawing)
Amperage Draw: 45 to 55 amps
Maximum Fuel Consumption: 32 gallons per hour
Water Pressure Range: 225 to 350 pounds
Rated Evaporative Capacity: 330 gallons of water per hour
Generator Location: Short hood
Generator Weight: 4000 pounds

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