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Meeting @ The Foxes (Museumdorf), September, 2009

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A little bit about this layout

The Museumdorf Garden Railroad was designed and is operated by Jim & Marilyn Fox in Mt. Laurel. As the focal point for the garden railroad, Jim has built 1:24 scale models of buildings that can be found in an outdoor museum in Germany.

All engines and rolling stock are prototypes of those used in Germany or Austria. The idea became a reality about ten years ago when a friend brought Jim a newspaper clipping of a garden railroad and assured him that "he could build one too."

Jim completed the downtown area that Marilyn wanted with unique shops and much detail. Jim scratch built all the buildings. A shoe store displayed shoes for sale. Since no g-scale shoes could be found, the Fox's found small ladies at a flea market and took the shoes (feet and all) for their window display. Ed DeSipio received the footless ladies for his Thomas Displays. Marilyn made a tray of pretzels for the pretzel store and a large one for the door that went missing. (technique picked up from Marie Tomasello) We suspect a squirrel carried it off. The stone work was put on with liquid nails. Jim made meats for the meat market from pink erasers, carving shapes of chops and steaks. The roof on the bakery was done from an idea picked up at Fred Neal's workshop. Sub-roof materials were from old political signs confiscated after the election.

The Fox's have worked out a code for the neighbor kids. He puts out a yellow train sign when the trains are running and the little ones show up for a treat.

Jim has a great brochure that he hands out to introduce people to his railroad. If you would like a copy, give Jim an e-mail or call and he'll see that you get one.


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