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August, 2019 .... Issue 8
Anita Brown, Donna & Larry Grady, Bob & Patti Moffit, Ed Ramming & Al Schmidt

Meeting @ Alice Irizarry's

Our August meeting in the gentle pines of Browns Mills was an event not to be missed. Alice had a few surprises for us. First, the indoor layout was gone. So, there was more room inside for our meeting. But first we had to enjoy her outside layout and that we did.

Alice reaffirmed that her outside layout (Track, Track Bed and Supports - not buildings) is for sale. It's about 300 feet. Contact Alice for more details and to close the deal.

The next surprise was the wonderful selection of lunch hoagies, salads and desserts. Thanks to Alice and others.

Following the meeting, Alice gave each of us 'favors' filled with really nice train related things. These "favors" were called "Turtle Bags".
Thank you. Alice

Attending: Ed Ramming, Joan Bishop, Alice Irizarry, Donna and Larry Grady, Al and Bobbie Schmidt, Patti and Bob Moffit, Phil Hatrak, Susan Cantonese, Jack Proud, Ned Young and Irene and Peter Glenn (friends of Alice).


Ed Ramming. Pres. called the meeting to order at 2:15 P.M. with a flag salute and the Pledge of Allegiance.
President Ed Ramming thanked Alice for hosting the meeting and for her work to get the outside layout running and preparing the food for our lunch.

Treasurer: Donna reported that we are solvent.

Sunshine: Patty reported that she sent 9 Birthday cards in July. She also sent out two Feel Better cards to Jack Proud and Bill Keller. Patti also sent a Get-Well card to Marilyn Fox.


Replacement Engines: Ed reported that he will get them to the trailer while it is at Larry and Donna Grady's.

Jack Proud has repaired the white and black engine that was not working.

Sale at the Brown's: Alice, Patti, Bob and Al reported that the sale went well. There was still a lot of items remaining.

Repack the Trailer for Ocean City:Larry reported that he will have the trailer at his house by mid-August for us to work on repairing the buildings, etc. and repacking the trailer for the OC Show in December.
POST MEETING UPDATE: We're off to a great start. On Saturday, 8-17, Larry, Donna and Al met at the Grady's garage to work on the trailer repacking.
Larry had brought up the trailer and all the houses that didn't fit back to their garage. (Some of the houses Jim Lincoln had brought from Anita's.)
The Larry and Donna had everything out of the trailer and out of most of the bins.
Buildings were separated in to 2 categories -- needs some repair / needs extensive repair.
We consolidated the 4 tool boxes into 2. The 3rd and 4th went to the 50/50 pile
All of the Christmas trees are in one tub.
We consolidated the transformers and cords into 1 tub and got us down to 5 plus a spare. The 6th one we set aside for a 50/50 take away.
We opened up the bins with cars in them, removed the burlap.
We found 4 HO "sound effects" units that we put into the 50/50 takeaway group.
We put the tool boxes (2) and 4 tubs into the trailer. Looks like we can get 2 tubs + 2 tool boxes in the front of the trailer and then 2 rows of 8 tubs (2 columns of 4 tubs) plus room at the end for 1 column of 4 tubs at the end and still have room for batts/sheets of snow. (won't know for sure until finish the repack.)

Donna started work on cleaning / fixing buildings.

Al took 4 buildings home to re-glue and make them more presentable. Jack Proud & Ann took about 6 buildings home with them

Larry pointed out that they still have the track from the Fox's layout in their shed. We need to decide what to do with that track. We also have turnouts that we are no longer using, etc.
Larry and Donna have continued gluing, mending, painting and sprucing up some broken, sad, well-worn buildings and breathing some new life into them. Keep in mind they are better than they were, but not for perfect close inspection. They are handy-man specials that are being fixed up, lol, but they still look good. It has been a fun thing to do seeing them come to life again. Working on the largest first so they are ready for packing first.
No worries, we will have plenty to do at the meeting too.

Ocean City Show: Al will contact OC for details, etc. for this December. This year's dates are- Dec 7 & 8 with Setup on the 6th.
POST MEETING UPDATE: Kathy Caraballo confirmed that we are invited to OC for the Christmas Show the weekend of the 7th & 8th.

Possible Field Trip: There was a further discussion of the possibility of a group trip to Nicholas Smith. We discussed doing it as our October meeting and include a lunch at a Trolley-Themed Restaurant near the Nicholas Smith store. We will set a date at the September meeting.

Newsletter Editor: Dan has agreed to help Al with the newsletter and our web site.


Repacking the Trailer Workshop for our next meeting: Donna will pick up a new table for our transformers Remember, we also need bubble wrap to better pack the houses, cars and engines. Please save any that you get from items you have delivered and bring it to our September meeting.

Visit Morris Arboretum: Morris Arboretum Had some discussion about the recent updates to the layout at the Arboretum and suggestions to visit this fall if you can.

Meeting adjourned 3:30 PM

Donna and Larry Grady's
1 PM on September 7th
61 Monroe Drive
Laurel Springs, NJ 08021
Contact Larry or Donna
you will attend and
will be bringing an appetizer of dessert to share
Donna: 856-745-5438
Larry: 856-745-5439

News you need to know
Prayers for: Tom & Anita Brown, Bill Keller, Jack Proud, Alice Irizarry and Marilyn Fox
50/50 - Ned Young won
Remember: Alice is selling her outside layout, track, track bed and supports (about 300ft of track).

FLOWERS: Donna is offering some of my dwarf purple irises and some Autumn Joy Sedum. Bring some containers to the September meeting. She is also looking for Black Eyed Susans if anyone has any they would like to share.


13th Linda Alessi
14th Lou Ricciardi
17th Jim Fox
20th Mac McMullin
21st Ann Carlson
21st Kathryn Holt
28th Linda Young


1st Terry Kruse
16th Ellyn McMullin
25th Pat Alessi
28th Jim Lincoln


January 12th Club Meeting @ Dr. Mike & Pat Lurakis Please do not arrive before 1PM
February NO Club Meeting
March 16th Annual Lunch & Meeting
March 22nd & 23rd East Coast Large Scale Train Show - York PA
April 27th & 28th Club Meeting & Train Show - Brian Steager @ Green Planet
May 18th SJGRS Open House Day
May 19th Club Meeting - Ed Ramming & Joan Bishop
June 22nd Club Meeting - Jim Lewis
July 17th Inventory Sale 10 - 2 @ Brown's (NO Club Meeting)
August 3rd Club Meeting Alice Irizarry (1 PM)
September 7th Club Meeting - Grady's
October ?? Club Meeting OPEN - Trip to Nicholas Smith ??
November 9th Club Meeting - Nominations, Bobbie & Al Schmidt
December 6th Setup for Ocean City Train Show (starting at noon, decorations @ 2 PM)
December 7th & 8th Ocean City Train Show - Music Pier (Take Down @ 3:30PM on the Final Day)
December Holiday Train Shows

*Dates are subject to change
Please Check for Updates

If you would like to have a meeting in 2019 contact Anita Brown or Al Schmidt. Dates can be changed but we need to set up our schedule in order to plan for shows etc. Contact: or 609-646-1102 OR or 856-672-0172

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