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October, 2018 .... Issue 10
Anita Brown, Donna & Larry Grady, Bob & Patti Moffit, Ed Ramming & Al Schmidt

Meeting Hosted Jim & Becky Lincoln

Becky and Jim welcomed us on a day that was cool on the outside, but warm and cozy on the inside. With a wonderful lunch of Roast Beef, Turkey and meatballs for sandwiches along with tasty salads. To wash that down we had some warm apple cider and assorted deserts & goodies.

The cold got to Jim's outside trains, so the only G-Scale train run outside was his trolley.

He did have some smaller trains running on the inside. And there was a "short" Walk next door to see some O-Scale Trains running.

Attending: Ed. Ramming, Joan Bishop, Becky and Jim Lincoln, Bill Keller, Tom Ayers, Monica Weaber, Marilyn & Jim Fox, Lou Riccardi, Bernadette Perna, Ned Young, Anita and Tom Brown, John Bair and Jack Proud.


Ed Ramming. Pres. called the meeting to order at 2:00 P.M. with a flag salute and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Treasurer: Donna reported, via email, that there are no outstanding bills.

Sunshine: Patti Moffit (by email) 6 Birthday cards were sent out in Sept.
Terry Kruse Sept.1
Jack Heath Sept. 10
Ellyn McMullin Sept. 16
Pat Alessi. Sept. 25
Jim Lincoln Sept. 28
Joe Profetto Sept. 29

Roe Ricciardi Oct. 7
Bobbie Schmidt Oct. 22
Suzanne Cantanese Oct. 24

Joe Profetto is back home.

Website: Ed reported that there was a broken link on our website to the description of Jim Lewis' layout. Al said he would fix that right away.


Ocean City Show. Al confirmed that we are invited back for this year. The dates are December 1 and 2, with setup on Friday, November 31st starting at noon. We have the trailer 'ready to go'. But, we need trees, etc. for the layout.

Everyone is invited to bring items (houses, trains, etc.) to enhance our layout. Bill Keller has ceramic houses we can use for the layout.

Patty reported that Thomas & Percy will be needing help at the Ocean City Show:
- help with set up
- help with take down
- troubleshooting (Thomas can be temperamental)
- handing out certificates to the kids
- running trains with the children/ handing out candy canes


If you are planning to use the boardwalk to unload, you need to send the following information to Cathy Carballo at Ocean City as soon as possible.

A copy of the vehicle insurance,
A copy of the vehicle & trailer registration,
A copy of driver's license of person driving.

Here is her contact information:

Kathryn A. Caraballo
City of Ocean City, NJ
861 Asbury Ave.
Ocean City, NJ 08226
Phone: 609-525-9283
Fax: 609-525-0301

Following setup and takedown, the club will host a group dinner for all those that help with setup or takedown. The club will contribute up to $20 per person to the cost of each person's meal at the restaurant. All you have to do is help with setup and/or take down and attend either or both of the group dinners.

Catalog of Layouts: Al mentioned that we can accept input from more people. Please send Al ( some photos of your layouts and a few paragraphs describing your layout. Al will post them to our web site. The web address for our layouts catalog is


NOMIATIONS: November is our nominations meeting, in addition to final planning for the Ocean City Show. Please think about helping by running for office (Pres or VP) or picking up one of the non-elected positions such as Show Coordinator, Newsletter Editor. If not picking it up, maybe just assisting.

DUES: Just a heads up that due are due in January.

Hosting a Meeting in 2019: Please consider hosting a club meeting in 2019. We will be updating our calendar for 2019 after our November meeting.

Christmas Shows: Al asked that anyone hosting a Christmas Train Show, let us know and try to give details that we can put in our November newsletter and/or report on in our January newsletter.

Meeting adjourned 3:30 PM with Ed thanking Becky and Jim for their hospitality and thanking everyone for coming out.

November 10, 2018 @ 1:00
Al & Bobbie Schmidt
Grace Church Parish House
19 Kings Highway East
Please contact Al or Bobbie
if you plan to attend and
will bring a small salad or dessert to share

856-672-0172 - Home / 609-471-8298 - Cell

News You Need to Know

Joe Profetto is now back at home

50/50 - Not done at this meeting.
Store fronts and train couplers donated by Alice and John were offered for the taking.

Bill Keller is giving away some ceramic houses that he is no longer using in his outdoor layouts. Anyone interested, call Bill

Dick Yard is selling O-gauge rolling stock. If you are interested, contact Dick at 609-641-5315 or

Shoreline Model RR Club: The Shoreline RR Club is hosting a train show on Nov 8th (10 - 4) and 9th (10 - 2) at the Atlantic Christian School, 391 Zion Rd., Egg Harbor Twp., NJ. Tables rent for $15. Contact Dick Yard for more details.

The club is also open for visits Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Contact Dick for times.

Interesting Link: Ask the Expert: Oil Analysis for Railroad Fleets


4th Bill Keller
8th Anita Brown
8th Tom Walker

January 7th Open House @ Dr. Mike & Pat Lurakis Please do not arrive before 1PM
January 14th Club Meeting @ Dr. Mike & Pat Lurakis Please do not arrive before 1PM
February NO Club Meeting
March 11th Club Meeting @ Grady's
March 30th & 31st East Coast Large Scale Train Show - York PA
April 7th Annual Lunch & Meeting - 1 PM @ Fred & Ethel's Smithville
April 21 & 22 Train Show - Green Planet Nursery*** CANCELLED ***
May 20th Club Meeting - Ed Ramming & Joan Bishop
June 9th SJGRS Open House Day (10 - 3)
June 24th Club Meeting - Alice irizarry/John Craven
July NO Club Meeting
August 19 Club Meeting - Brian and Clair Steager
September 9 Club Meeting - Tom Ayers / Monica Weaber
October 13th Club Meeting - Jim & Becky Lincoln
November 10th Club Meeting - Nominations, Bobbie & Al Schmidt
November 30th Setup for Ocean City Train Show (starting at noon, decorations @ 2 PM)
December 1st & 2nd Ocean City Train Show - 6th & Boardwalk Civic Ctr (Take Down @ 3:30PM on the Final Day)
December Holiday Train Shows
January ?th Open House @ Dr. Mike & Pat Lurakis
January 12th Club Meeting @ Dr. Mike & Pat Lurakis Please do not arrive before 1PM
February NO Club Meeting
March Club Meeting
March 29th & 30th East Coast Large Scale Train Show - York PA
April Annual Lunch & Meeting
April Train Show
May Club Meeting
June SJGRS Open House Day (10 - 3)
June Club Meeting
July NO Club Meeting
August Club Meeting
September Club Meeting
October Club Meeting
November 9th Club Meeting - Nominations, Bobbie & Al Schmidt
November 29th Setup for Ocean City Train Show (starting at noon, decorations @ 2 PM)
Nov 30th & Dec 1st Ocean City Train Show - 6th & Boardwalk Civic Ctr (Take Down @ 3:30PM on the Final Day)
December Holiday Train Shows

*Dates are subject to change
Please Check for Updates

If you would like to have a meeting in 2018 contact Anita Brown or Al Schmidt. Dates can be changed but we need to set up our schedule in order to plan for shows etc. Contact: or 609-646-1102 OR or 856-672-0172

Check out the web page for calendar information, latest photos and updated directory. Thanks to our Webmaster Al Schmidt for keeping this site updated.

**Names listed with show dates are contact people in addition to the Show Coordinator, if you would like to participate.

If you know someone who would like to advertise in our newsletter, have them send their business card(with a check for $25 which will cover their ad for one year) to:

Anita Brown
1103 Seaside Ave.
Absecon, NJ 08201

We now have a business card that we hand out to people who inquire about our club. Please pick some up, if you can and hand them out to anyone who you think may be interested.


South Jersey
Railroad Society
1103 Seaside Ave.
Absecon, NJ 08201


For membership information e-mail:
E-mail our Webmaster:

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