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Meeting @ Shore Mall, March, 2009

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A little bit about this layout

We have one or two meetings each year at our 'permanent' layout at the Shore Mall. This gives all of us a chance to see what has changed and discuss the improvements. While several members are the core of the staffing for this location, which is open every Wednesday and Saturday, some of our members only get to see the changes that have been made during the year by attending these meeetings. This year we have renovated the train display in the center of the store and added a second level which gives us a chance for tunnels and bridges.

Jim Lincoln and Ed DeSipio laid out a design built the new section. We now have room to run large engines and height to give the layout more depth. Bridges and tunnels were added. More work will be done in the coming weeks to finish landscaping and placing buildings, people, trees etc. strategically to bring the whole area alive and fun to watch. Rich Muller, Larry Paakh & Ned Young pitched in to help the guys get the job done. The club appreciates their hard work. A construction worker stopped in and after chatting with Jim & Tom Brown, donated the plywood needed to build the addition. Jim picked it up and took it home to his workshop and the rest is history. We'll be using the buildings donated by Bill Shultz.

Tom Brown is in the process of building a new multi-scale layout. Since we have moved the curtains back and enlarged the area, visitors are able to not only watch the trains run but watch the men at work on their railroads. We encourage all members to get those trains out and make a day trip to the mall to run your trains and get involved with the people who stops in.

We have had over 80,000 visitors to our store over the past 3 ½ years.


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