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Photos_2009-January_Meeting @ Dr. Mike & Pat Lurakis'



Meeting @ Dr. Mike & Pat Lurakis', January, 2009

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A little bit about this layout

After twelve years of running trains, dealing with leaves and weather Mike decided to go to a self-contained battery pack with all the bells and whistles. A call to Mike Moran and a few suggestions on how to accomplish this, the LGB Mogul has taken on a new life. His layout looks great and he doesn't have to worry about bad connections and days when there's no power in the track. But he's not finished yet. The underground oil tank has to be raised or moved and yes, once again the railroad will be taken up and redone. That's life on the railroad no matter what size. Inside the holiday layout was a pleasure to look at and the three-tier upper level track going around the TV room ceiling is always exciting to watch.


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