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Meeting @ The Foxes (Museumdorf), October, 2008

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A little bit about this layout

The Museumdorf Garden Railroad was designed and is operated by Jim & Marilyn Fox in Mt. Laurel. As the focal point for the garden railroad, Jim has built 1:24 scale models of buildings that can be found in an outdoor museum in Germany.

All engines and rolling stock are prototypes of those used in Germany or Austria. The idea became a reality about ten years ago when a friend brought Jim a newspaper clipping of a garden railroad and assured him that "he could build one too."

Over the years problems have been dealt with regarding track, terrain, grades, dead spots & under track materials. Jim recently changed all the curves to 10' on the outside loop and 6-1/2' on the inside to solve derailment problems and has reduced all grades so that his engines can pull more rolling stock. Ed DeSipio provided guidance that improved power distribution and eliminated dead spots. All the advice and effort have resulted in his trains running great.

He requested help on getting his reverse unit running and the guys discovered that he needed to add track on either end to solve that problem.

Marilyn has requested a downtown area and a replica of the farm house where her father was born which Jim will begin work on soon.

The Fox's have worked out a code for the neighbor kids. He puts out a yellow train sign when the trains are running and the little ones show up for a treat.

Jim has a great brochure that he hands out to introduce people to his railroad. If you would like a copy, give Jim an e-mail or call and he'll see that you get one.


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