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May of 2007, Mrs. Shuttletrain and I decided to follow my ancestors, and see some sights of the Civil War. We packed up the car and left our homebase of Washington, Missouri and headed south through the state of Illinois. We traveled east on Interstate 64, then turned south on Interstate 57 to the Kentucky border. We wanted to see the first battlefield of Fort Donelson National Battlefield. It was a great place to begin to visualize what the Civil War was. Canon Camera 019.JPG

Next, we travel on into the Land Between The Lakes, or in other words, National Forest Service’s land between Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley. We spent the night in the area. The next morning we travelled to Corinth, Mississippi to see the Corinth Railroad town. Corinth was one of the most fought rail crossings in the war. Then after spending about two hours the next morning in Corinth, we hit Shiloh, another bloody battleground. As the day waned, we decided to drive all the way across Tennessee to visit Chattanooga to see the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. Now remember this was May of 2007, lots of rolling stock has been repaired and is now rolling down a railway near you.

2007 May Cival War 001.JPG2007 May Cival War 002.JPG2007 May Cival War 003.JPG2007 May Cival War 004.JPG2007 May Cival War 005.JPG2007 May Cival War 006.JPG2007 May Cival War 007.JPG2007 May Cival War 009.JPG2007 May Cival War 010.JPG

Here are two shots of the inside of the tunnel; you can see the smoke laden walls.

2007 May Cival War 013.JPG2007 May Cival War 014.JPG

Let’s take a spin on the turntable…


2007 May Cival War 016.JPG2007 May Cival War 017.JPG2007 May Cival War 018.JPG2007 May Cival War 019.JPG2007 May Cival War 020.JPG2007 May Cival War 021.JPG2007 May Cival War 022.JPG

Next come some work in progress..

2007 May Cival War 023.JPG2007 May Cival War 024.JPG

Here are some shots of the elevations and bridges along the scenic tour…

2007 May Cival War 027.JPG2007 May Cival War 028.JPG2007 May Cival War 030.JPG2007 May Cival War 033.JPG

That was our Tennessee adventure. Stay tuned for future Wanderings.

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